Dear Janet:

 By way of introduction, my name is Frank.  I am applying for the opportunity identified as: “JANET’S SIDEKICK”, in this adventure to tour the planet.  You have a well deserved reputation as a premier organizer specializing in the management of multi-family vacation excursions and jetting off to worldwide events like the Olympics, World Cup and safari. I would again like to be part of your team because the adventure never ends.

As both a duly licensed lawyer, licensed realtor, and soccer pitch sideline prowler for many years, I have dealt with the many tasks and issues that come up in life’s day-to -day management. I am seeking to apply my talents for your benefit and will endeavor to foster good side kick, and dare I say “Sherpa-like” duties, by meeting deadlines and resolving complaints and/or requests in a timely manner, and by implementing  plans initiated by you or prescribed by the department of marital bliss.  I would strive to help you achieve the goals set forth in the elaborate Excel format you have prepared.

As required, I am confident that I can work with transport and housing personnel, respond to your every request, monitor billing, coordinate insurance, interface with governmental agencies, and when needed direct third parties.

Thank you for reviewing my resume. I hope we can meet to further discuss our mutual needs.  I look forward to hearing from you soon

Very Truly Yours,


Dear Frank,

Welcome to the Frank and Janet Around the Planet team.  Your first day of work will be September 7, 2015.  Over the first 12 months we will work together in the selection of countries and routes to travel.  You will assist in the development of a travel budget, packing list and travel gear purchase.  Your background as a realtor and lawyer will be required to manage the sale of our home and the development of all legal documents necessary to exit the US for a year. 

This position also requires a high level of physical strength, including moving heavy objects and completed all past due household honey due lists.  You will undergo a series of medical and dental exams including receiving a series of painful injections.

Please note, during this time period you will maintain your day job, completing all tasks in after work hours.

Effective September 7, 2016 we will embark upon the trip of a lifetime.  As my SIDEKICK we will travel to 4 continents, traverse mountains, venture into jungles and discover history.  To be successful in the position you need a great sense of humor, be open to all things unknown, take your vitamins and malaria meds and above all be ready for the time of your life.

Yours truly,

Your loving wife and partner