12 Days to Departure

We ended our pre-launch trip by a classic pain in the ass drive home complete with  Ohio road construction and a closed freeway in Michigan. The drive took an extra 3 hours.  Listened to a disappointing book on tape.  I like Sci-Fi but come on---a geneticist directing a giant alien robot to start a war with North Korea? We had to skip the planned trip to Pittsburg, PA., to see good friends.  We got restless about last minute things we had to complete.  Back in Livonia for AV ballot, paying storage, paying water bill, etc., etc., etc., and then, now this is big, ordering our entrance tickets on line for Machu Picchu (MP) and the necessary round trip train ride to and from Ollantaytambo, Peru.  (a tongue twister). Pre-order is a necessity. The government sites are in Spanish, so we had to find a tutorial site and placed our laptops side by side to ensure accuracy. It worked-- we got our tickets sheet and receipts.  The train is weird. We need to take the ticket sheet to the station to get the actual boarding ticket. Since, the government site displayed that only 103 tickets were left to enter MP on October 8, 2016, our target date, we needed to get it right. We did –Teamwork is a great thing.  Also agreed on a motel Janet found near the station. We picked the early 5:30 am train.