Coming Home

Our view of downtown Detroit from our temporary apartment

Hello kind readers of our blog

Our journey has come to an end

On Saturday August 5, exactly 330 days after we left, we boarded a plane in Christchurch New Zealand for our flight home.  It was a long flight, our longest of the trip.  To reach home we:

  • Traveled 3 hours back to Sydney
  • 14 hours from Sydney to Los Angeles
  • 4 hours from Los Angeles to Chicago

With layovers, the total travel time was 28 hours, departing at 6:00 am on Saturday and arriving at 4:00 pm on Saturday, crossing the international dateline.

Boarding our flight in Christchurch

Boarding our flight in Christchurch

Chicago is not our home, but the home of our youngest son, who had been using the car.  So, our journey did not end in Chicago, next we drove to Metro Detroit to a temporary hotel and then to a short-term apartment while we wait for our final destination, a beautiful high-rise apartment in downtown Detroit which will be ready in September. 

Our welcome home dinner in Chicago

Our welcome home dinner in Chicago

Our home, Michigan

Jet lag has hit us hard, up until now the largest time zone change we experienced was 3 hours. 

This move was a 16 hour time zone change. We have spent most days turning our US life back on; finding and buying more clothes than the 4 shirts and pants that have served us so well for the last year, turning cell phone coverages back on and sorting through a year of paperwork. 

Most important we have spent as must time as possible with our family.

We have plans for some final blogs that include wrap up of the costs and route and our thoughts on the places we visited. 

Thanks for following us, please check back for our summary posts

Frank and Janet

Night view from our new apartment in Detroit