Family and Friends Send Off

Frank says:

I finally got back to the keyboard.

What a hoot! Our neighborhood  friends gave us Bon Voyage party. We  joined together to share  inspiration and support.  Our hosts, opened their home for us and did a first class job. The food, décor, and presentation were 5 stars. (Is this the Four Seasons Restaurant?) Thanks to all that came to see us off. Thanks for the artsy signpost. We may cross paths again since the launch is still 26 days away.  Remember to keep our blog cards. We will be more consistent in our efforts.  No guarantee on content.


The family send off was equally fun. Our hosts my dear uncle, aunt and cousins, threw a great party with abundant wine and the best authentic Greek cuisine ( no tomato sauce). Janet was the designated driver, as will be her role often, especially in France and at other European vineyards.