9/6/2016 – Janet Says

Day of departure, on the plane. Perhaps the reason most global vagabonders are young, and just out of college is because taking a trip for a year when you have a career, house, kids parents and on and on, is just too darn much work. 

My last day of work was just 5 days ago and Franks last day of work?  He was sending emails early this morning.  Over this last week we finished shopping, completed our financial arrangements, moved more stuff into the storage unit, had lots of goodbyes, went to Chicago to drop a car with our son, and managed to see one last Spartan Football Game.  Did we mention that we are “Bleed Green” people?  to sum up the last 10 days:

The Funny and Good

Throwing away my purse, so long Michael Kors

Not having to deal with ATT for a YEAR

Our last trip to our Financial planner, alas, we made our saving goal, Thanks to Joe at Fidelity, you are the best

Driving for the last time for a year, I hope, get me to my bus quick

Dinners out with friends to say goodbye, wow this was great, we will miss you all

The Bad and Ugly

My backpacks – I am over my weight –UGH40 pounds, I see some serious repacking and shipping in my future

ATT – 8+ hours over the last month reviewing how to unlock my phone and cancel my account with various agents, then on departure date, being hit with a last minute charge of $155

Our last drive from Detroit to Chicago, so hard to say goodbye, in one of the kid’s college cars. Our last dinner with our older sonNow the budget worries start, I have the plan, I have the app (trail wallet) and I have Frank, mister happy go lucky spender.  He loves his art!

The friends we did not see, we just ran out of time, we love you guys too.  

The extra last minute weight gain from all these dinners!!

Then there is saying good bye to my kids…. Will have to cover that in a different blog….to hard today.