Frank's contribution 8/10/16:

Frank Says:

Well, we are almost ready to go…
Sure…I read "Miles from Nowhere" too, but no way did I envision such a whirlwind journey. My best dream was simply  to reach the heights of the ancient civilization at Machu Picchu, Peru. Now, I find that their is no limit to Janet's imagination( thank you), nor a limit to Janet's monthly tasks lists (thank you?). 

The lists required much action, with many sub-actions that occupied our time. I continually broke down and itemized my duties on hand written sheets (rather than excel). We were successful and will recount these activities again later.

P.S.  I want to thank Dr. Erickson for the year supply of my asthma inhalers and Two Men for the jigsaw stacking of our belongings to the rafters in the 10 x 20 storage unit.

My daily task lists