9/7/2016 Frank Says

look at all this stuff Frank is taking


Franks packed rolling and carry on backpacks ready to go


I packed with the continuous challenge of competing with Janet on the weight issue. I was very organized and had laid out my stuff 2 weeks in advance (didn’t take the globe—nice touch for the photo I thought). Then I crushed and rolled and crushed and cubed my stuff. Now into the hybrid backpack suitcase-- only 1 oz. heavier than Janet’s pack. I felt vindicated. But still we both had to pack our electronics into the day packs. At the airport we both weighed in at 40 lbs. I felt reasonably happy even though we missed our target of 30-35lbs; Might be discarding some used clothes quickly.

Janet's rolling backpack weight at airport


I agree with Janet-- pre-launch is crazy. Always something to do or finish. Thanks to REO-Novi and John O. for bringing my client’s home to closing.  I think my final, early morning memo about the IRS lien and other final issues covered the bases. Remember the commission check goes to that Chicago address.


Bye Mom and kids. Saw Mom in the morning. Her home was the pickup point for the airport. Thanks Kathleen. The flight was uneventful. All announcements were spoken in English and Spanish. You were offered way too much food. I don’t remember that on domestic flights.

Goodbye breakfast with Frank's mom

Pre-flight was slightly different. Set off the buzzer 4 times in screening. Kept on disrobing one extra item at a time. They said you could keep your shoes on for cripe sakes. Not enough—I joyfully requested a private screening once asked to submit to one by the ATA guys. Into the booth for a frontal and back pat down. I haven’t said “yes sir” to anyone as much as that since day my dad found the ½ gallon whiskey bottle was filled with water. Come to think of it--No that’s not accurate, there was that back room inspection and suit case search at London Heaththrow Airport.  Trench coats were not a good look for me—but it does rain in the UK. Our ATA guys were professional and actually pretty nice—no joking though. Free at last. Janet had a frown.

At the airport with chauffer Kathleen


We landed late and made it to our hotel at 2:30 EST. After landing we went through immigration. We stood with a young lady doctor who studied in Ohio, but now lived in Florida, that was on second medical mission to the indigent tribes in the jungles; another 4-hour drive for her after being picked up by other missionaries. She was very nice and offered suggestions. The conversation made the wait go faster and lessened some anxiety. We got picked up by a nice man in a very large passenger van. We tried to be friendly but spoke different languages.

The extent of the city lights at night is impressive. The freeways are new, smooth, with many overpasses leading to the Pan American expressway. 35 miles from the airport, we arrived in “Old Town” Quito where our hotel is located. We are right next to a large church. Made me feel pretty good. 2:30 am. Our driver had to wake the proprietor. He took us directly to our room—no official check-in now. CRASHED! See you in the morning.